electrolytic iron

we supply electrolyticiron.The chemical composition and physicscharacteristics, such as the coercive force is better than the InternationalStandard. Our fabrication plant is equipped with large cutting machine,shearing machine,sawing machine, punch,lathe,mill machine,annealing furnace,andrattle barrel to meet the different needs of users.We check and audit thequality according to the quality certificate strictly.

chemical composition(%,max)

Trademark B-EA:

C 0.002 Si 0.005 Mn 0.0005 P 0.001 S 0.0002 Cr 0.001 Ni0.005 Al 0.002 Cu 0.0005

A. thickness as:2-5mm   length:5-25mm   width:6-25mm
B. podwer

We can produce the special type which you ask


The raw material of all kinds precise alloy(suchas super alloy) electric alloy,soft magnet,amorphous alloy and permanent magnet(suchas NdFeBrare earth magnet) etc.

It is used for aeroplane, nuclear, sea etcindustry

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